KOABD - Kind Of A Big Deal - Kathryn Colleen & Rueben James


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Hi there! KOABD is an acoustic duo, best known for our relaxed singer-songwriter style with blues, jazz and rock influences. KOABD is not like most bands… we are rather rebellious little monkeys, doing exactly the opposite of what most bands do …

  • We gig rarely and only in places that we really like;

  • We make new music constantly, no stopping for 9 months to market the latest album;

  • We record each individual song as soon as it is finished;

  • We connect on a personal level with a small but growing audience of awesome people worldwide right now (in The United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Chile, India, Dubai, Canada and more!),

  • and we have a blast doing it!

That’s much better, don’t you think? : )

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